Perfect Prep is Paying Off

The signs are about ready. A glitch…the Team decided they want to go for a 5 day sale. Well rather than make all new signs, I opted, for now, with a piece of masking tape over the old ‘Thur’ and a new written ‘Wed’. Five days? A lot of stuff, and I hope a lot of interest to warrant 5 days, and I hope a lot of Team Patience too. Probably ok.

A portion of Carport tables are fairly full.
Yes, even punch bowl sets are getting their due.

Pricing, pricing, pricing…on into the night. A few more signs. The look is refreshed. The seas of clear glass have been broken up with various colors of glassware and pottery making it, hopefully, easier to see through all the glass. Lots of jewelry to still be displayed although it is all priced thanks to Team member Molly. Signs will go up tomorrow night or very early Wednesday morning before I go to work.



12 thoughts on “Perfect Prep is Paying Off

  1. estatesalelover

    I am looking forward to the new things you will have out. From all your previews it should be a sale not to miss for an estate sales lover like me. Cash will be in hand and I hope the team will be willing to bargain a bit! 🙂

  2. Gary,
    I thought you would get a kick out of the fact that I have most of the same china, dishes and punch bowls that you have on this table. I had purchased most of it at an auction so someone else collected the pieces. They must have had the same taste as your aunt. Have a great sale. 🙂

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