The Team & The Hoarding Clean Up


A stalwart portion of the Team (My mending Father-in-Law, Wife (L), Mother-in-Law and dear Sis-in-Law)

I frequently allude to the Team. It does exist and has, in various configurations, through the dirty cleanup of my Mom’s Hoarding House and now with the cleanup of my Auntie’s Hoarding House. For Over two plus years, members of the Team have toiled away in cold, wet, stink, heat, filth and pain. As many as 10 family & friends comprise the Team. Maybe five at most join together at any one time, but if the word went out they would all be there so strong is their love, loyalty and sense of sacrifice.

They visited my Mom and Aunt while they were alive. They were all there at the funerals. They have been there at various times during these seemingly endless cleanups. A total of 34 drop boxes have sat on the driveways. Mile upon mile has been walked while lugging armloads of debris. Thousands of arm loads have been carried of saved items. All this done out of love and loyalty. The Team members work, have lives and hobbies and families and their own medical issues. Yet, there they are.

Yes, I know I am blessed. I know the meaning of loyalty and sacrifice. I see it in the Team. God Bless the Team! 



5 thoughts on “The Team & The Hoarding Clean Up

      1. Helping_others

        Hello, SwittersB

        I saw your blog about the Noritake Moselle china.
        Do you still have it? I am trying to help someone who lost their set in a tragic way.
        Could you please let me know if it is still available and if you are interested in selling it?
        Thank you.

      2. Helping_others

        Thank you for your consideration. I would be interested in any and all that would be available. I will keep my fingers crossed!

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