And, These Are a Few of My Favorite Things…………………

Now my Auntie sure had a LOT of stuff. There can be no doubt. And, now we have all that stuff. As you go through hundreds of boxes, bags and bins patterns emerge. It is obvious of what she seemed to over-hoard (is that possible?). The what is apparent, the why is less so.

So, here is a partial list of what I can think of now off the top of my head for her frequent items list: mermaids, gloves, purses, wigs, tiny figurines, panthers, votive candle holders, candle stick holders, shot glasses, punch bowl cups, Anchor Hocking glasses, tarps, Christmas decorations, plastic flowers, flat bladed shovels, metal canes, pressure cookers, Corning Ware, costume jewelry and wrought iron. These items are so prolific, some of them count into the thousands and others at least into the several dozen. Amidst all this sameness are countless (I just haven’t really taken the time) gems or treasures. But, wow, did she have a thing for certain items.


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