No Slo-Mo Camera Needed

Ugh…we are moving at a slow pace. Mentally drained. Not sure what is truly going on with father-in-law. Mixes signals. No sleep. Plenty of stuff out the door to table sides but we fell short today of really getting the stuff organized. It still has to be priced! A little over a week to go.

The upstairs bedrooms have been divided into staging areas for Estate Sale Stuff (L) and Garage Sale Stuff (R). There is also a whole lot of stuff downstairs and in the den and dining room. This a semblance of order. Each box is sorted and marked on top. When space allows the box will come out and emptied.
The pile commences in that temporary vacuum. The boxes will be broken down to better recycle the load. The sign making sheet of plywood awaits. The weather is expected to be hot for the next week. I better get busy.
A chaotic mess so far. Lots on the table tops and still on the floor in boxes. Tomorrow will be a bigger, hopefully more productive blitz to get the tables loaded and organized for pricing. A Good Nights sleep would help.

Today’s finds: a colorized version of my Aunt/Uncles wedding. Early technology. Old documents that showed my Aunt had some severe, secret issues that troubled her within months of my Uncles death in late 1969. Ever more purses. 

Tomorrow is a new day. Suppose to push 90. Need to get and early start.


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