Juggling & Moving Along Through the Stuff

Father-in-law doing much better. Hospital visits and Hoarding Cleanup moving right along. Thankful for well wishes and kind thoughts. Emerging reality right now is most of the Team is not doing well pain wise. Some serious issues going on making physical exertion almost impossible for several. This has necessitated others, also banged up, to do more. No way around this right now. A lot was completed today, so maybe tomorrow we can back off just a bit and still get something done. Still a mess in the staging areas, but getting there. The quality of some of the items is obviously of better quality. Internet on site is helping with research (Thank you Veronica!). Previous dilly-dallying around catching up?

The Patio from the Den steps…a undefined set up so far. Boxes on the floor contain the goods. Soon the tables will be full and boxes broken down and taken to that back yard area that is the, for now, ever filling vacuum.
The Garage looking toward the Carport and Canopy. Still a mess but stuff coming out onto the tables here today.

The Patio from the back door. Looking toward the Den windows. Clothes racks will replace the tables along the windows once the boxes are emptied out.

The Den, back bedroom, basement and kitchen have boxes ready to head out the door. The many boxes already carried out need to be emptied (what we were working on today), then we will have an idea of what room on the tables remains. A good effort today. Not sure how Team members will feel, pain wise, in the morning though.

An upper shelf in the Carport is partially filled with new items.
A start of stuff coming onto the upper shelf in the Canopy. Later the shelf was quite full.



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