Focus, Fatigue and Making Lists

I am happy to report, my dear Father-in-Law is holding his own. Prompt responses and the stars aligned above allowed for his life being saved. Had he been home alone, as he often is, things would not have worked out.

Today, everyone is a bit addled and tired. Hospital visits and working at the Hoarding House are in order. Given the mental state of most of the Team members, it seems a To-Do-List of reminders are in order. I have several times of late bumped up against the same darn chores that have not been completed: buy 9 volt batteries, buy those pads for beneath furniture, where in the heck are the flashlights, the outlets are not 3 prong, but those adaptors, light bulbs, screw drivers missing, scrape the old sticky price tags off the cement/tile floors, make signs……………….  make a list of tasks to better focus as time crunches


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