Treasures on Consignment (One option)

Inside Yesterday & Tomorrow ‘Treasures of the Past & Future’ in Portland, Oregon

This morning, I stopped in at a very inviting business, Yesterday & Tomorrow in North Portland. I spotted a beautiful glass and metal Dragon Fly (my most favorite outdoor symbol next to a fish) in the window. The ‘shop’ is situated in an old house and the owners, Jacq and Helen, provide a welcoming environment to peruse art work, indoor and outdoor treasures and items on consignment. The outside yard is a beautiful haven of fountains and yard art that captivates one from the moment you enter. One little vignette after another requires a slow passing through the yard. In the end, I settled upon a must have Dragon Fly piece of work….dare I say I had to have it?

The back yard at Yesterday & Tomorrow. Their front yard contains treasures also. Very inviting. I wanted to pull up a chair and just sit.

So, why highlight more stuff to be had? Well, despite my personal purchase, I was reminded of what several have suggested beyond our own sales, eBay and Etsy…that is pass off some of the sales effort to consignment shops or auctioneers. I could see at this shop today that several of my Aunt’s more unique pieces would fit comfortably in this shop awaiting a new admirer. Considerations of the owner’s costs etc. are a factor shop to shop but regardless this is an option to consider for certain pieces. A lot of my Auntie’s yard decor would stage nicely at Yesterday & Tomorrow. Just a thought.


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