Staging the Sale and Holding the Line

Old Piggy Bank Seems Happy

The tables have been stripped and the coverings removed. There is a lot of grit and dust on the tables and the floors of the garage, carport, canopy, patio. To sweep it just raises more dust. I will have to vacuum much of this area to keep the dust down. It has been repeatedly swept, hosed and swept again. The residual crud atop that driveway and the other floors from the years and years of muck just keeps on giving and giving dust. Power washing seems out of the question now. Someday.

The tables, here one in the carport, have been cleaned of most of the items from before. Some were retained for the next sales, some donated. New bedsheets are going on and butcher paper is being used in some instances too.

The next several days will be a Team effort, with help coming in to blitz the tables preparations and get the boxes, that have been carried out from the inside of the house emptied onto the table tops. Momentum is happening. Team members are working through their own personal struggles.

See I try to put a happy face on this crappy task. Partly out of respect for my Mom and my Auntie. But, truth is for this Team at hand, most are carrying their own issues of life and at the same time pushing on to get this long term project done: pain, chronic pain, emotional swings, grief, outside pressures that necessarily conflict (family struggles, work, events, appointments) a myriad of health issues, fatigue. Just what most of you would bring to the table. I don’t dwell on this because it seems self evident such things happen and I don’t want to portray this as some epic pity party. Yet, cumulatively, this had been a long mental-physical journey with many months to go. So, I put this out here today, to just remind anyone entering into this process or already standing knee deep in the stuff that only under the best of circumstances will the stars align for healthy Teams and unbroken flows of effort to resolve the hoarding woes.

Does that make sense?


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