30 Heads Are Better Than 1

In the ever present lesson in a hoarding cleanup…at least my Auntie’s….if one is good, a multitude more is bliss….the Team found a treasure trove of ceramic heads. I had noticed a shelf in a basement bedroom that had a half dozen of these ceramic heads. Later, I saw a box in the basement party room that had at least one head in it, but did not pursue it?

These heads were in the bedroom tucked away in boxes and drawers. The ones I saw last week are not part of the count yet. So, there will be in excess of 30 at some point. I guess better than all the pressure cooker lids without bottoms hey?


7 thoughts on “30 Heads Are Better Than 1

    1. momoftwo

      They were extremely popular in the 40s (?), 50s, and 60s. They are really vases. You can’t tell from the photos here, but each has a big hole in her head for flowers, or soil & plants. It’s hard to imagine putting dirt in them, but people did. They’re quite collectible now. Some are relatively common, some fetch up to 100 or more. These that our host here has are super-elegent, like his Auntie. Or did you mean, the history of how she collected them and when, and why? That would be very interesting.

  1. I don’t collect things, because I don’t like to dust….. : ) But if I did, these would be what I’d collect. They’re just so fun and pretty at the same time. Thanks for showing them to us.

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