Team Clean Was a Mean Machine Today

Today, the Team continued with cleaning and making room. I had already moved a good fifty boxes outside, from the house. Those boxes await emptying and placement on the soon to be cleaned, recovered tables.

But, there remains as many boxes and more inside the house. There is agreement there is no purpose in pulling all the items outside at this point. But, it makes sense to sort, box and nicely stage the boxes inside the house where they can be pulled out each day of the sale.

So, the Team made room. Consolidated estate sales stuff and moved it into the back bedroom. Consolidated the garage sale stuff and then opened a door from the Den out onto the Patio. That door had not been opened in at least 30 years. You couldn’t reach it from the Den and you may recall that the Patio, with its floor to roof and everything in between was filled to the brim. The door from the Den could never have opened into the Patio. So, clearing the way will make a great improvement in organizing and moving the stuff out of the house.

A trail was blazed to the Den Door and wowzer, it was opened to the Patio.

That organized extra Garage Sale Stuff needs to be staged at places inside the home but out of the way. One of those places will be the Front Bedroom. Ah, the Front Bedroom. Often impenetrable while my Aunt lived there. I would open a trail and she would seal off the room. Never really to the ceiling, but block off the pathway and block off the door. Remember, the little dynamo was in her 90’s!! I never pushed my luck. Today, a great amount of stuff was removed or consolidated making room.

Wonders never cease in this whole process. The front bedroom. Unused for ever. The bed buried over with all manner of stuff well above the mattress. Cleared.

Lordy Me! (one of my Aunt’s favorite exclamations). Actually floor space in the front bedroom. And, what do we say about a vacuum in a hoarding home (or cleanup)? It must be filled, for now. So, the boxed garage sales stuff will be moved into here. The bed will not be covered with anything just as a matter of principle!
It is hard to imagine am empty chair in my Aunt’s Hoarding Home. I didn’t even know this chair existed so densely packed and stacked was this chair beneath stuff!!!

7 thoughts on “Team Clean Was a Mean Machine Today

    1. It does have many layers. This is different now. It has a different mental component to it also. Peeling back the layers as they say. It will always carry her presence. Painting, rugs, new drapes whatever will not take away what I have seen. It is a good thing. Just more pronounced than my Mom’s. My mom pretty much obliterated the past with water, mildew, mold, stench. I am thankful for the preservation now at my Aunt’s. Thanks Bonnie.

    1. I know! Very inviting. I will show it in a current light once the boxes lower and retreat. Oh! They don’t do that on their own do they? Ok, once I get my keister in motion. Thanks

  1. Gary,
    Your Aunt sure did have great taste in a lot of great things, just too much of it :)…I love that chair and totally wish I could come and buy it from you for my dressing room
    All my love,

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