The Den: A Show Piece of………………

The Den at the Hoarding House in the early 50’s. A professional photographer, James C. Moreland, was hired to photograph the Den. You can double click on this picture to make it quite big to enjoy the details. The logs in the fireplace are still setting there 60 years later.

This room looks different now. The profound drapes gave way to more subtle colors. However, everything else is still there. The room has been buried to the hilt with stuff. I wonder what that must have been like for my Auntie to seal off this room. Of course, she sealed off the whole house didn’t she?

Like the scattered bones at some archeological dig, the disassembled pieces of this room are scattered about the room and elsewhere nearby. The coffee table had a sea shore/shells design beneath the glass top. In bags, we have found shells, stones, sand, coral. We never knew what the heck she had those items for. Now I understand. I would not want to maintain this room in such a gaudy state, but it is interesting to see how all the components have been there all along…just not recognizable  to the overloaded eye/mind.

Of what importance is all this, beyond piecing together history? I don’t know yet. It is just a ride back in time like so many photos I have found of seemingly happier, more organized times.


10 thoughts on “The Den: A Show Piece of………………

  1. Hi there,
    Any chance that you’d be willing to post an announcement about some studies that I’m doing on hoarding and relationships? The goal is to learn more about relationship problems in folks who engage in hoarding (from the perspective of people who hoard in one study and from the perspective of significant others/children of hoarders in another study).

    Thanks for the consideration!

  2. It is such a contrast to the little elf, sitting on her little space on the couch, barely able to negotiate the narrow trails. Did she remember? Was there that little glimmer of memory of what was? I really believe she had that, given her love of her home. It was more than the stuff; it was the way they were way back then.

  3. Do you know the reason for the professional photograph? It’s just a beautiful room. Your aunt must have been so proud of it at the time. Honestly, our homes say so much about us.

  4. Tish

    Wow, that room says West Coast elegance in the 40s and 50s. Your grandmother and grandfather had great taste. The wedding dress was such a special find… and also you guys did a great job with getting the bathroom useable. It may not feel like it, but I see great momentum in your updates.

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