Auntie’s Wedding Gown


This afternoon, I made my way into the basement and the ‘party room’. A zig zag trail was established. There to one side is a series of clothes racks loaded with garments. I noticed a space behind with nothing rising to the ceiling like the rest of room. Why the space? I cleared room toward that space behind the clothing rooms.

The doorway into the ‘party room’ opened up. My aunt called it the party room. Not sure they ever partied in there, but it is that perfect room, fireplace, knotty pined, inlayed flooring and a combination of panthers (she loved panthers) and mountain scenic pictures.
The Clothes Rack, Peeking in at covered Chest, Top of Chest
The Wedding Dress tucked away in the Cedar Chest

My Uncle & Aunt, Wedding, August 1934

Once again, I didn’t do much to organize the outside in readiness for the pending sales. But, this was a lovely discovery. Getting beyond the stuff and getting down to the memories of the hoarder, if possible, is a gift. Especially when they have passed. I don’t believe I ever heard from my aunt where her wedding gown was. Now I know.


A side note. Today, I got forced by momentum into a box of stuff. Protruding from the box’s side was a 1 1/2″ needle, which I ran in under the right side of my ribcage. Like a bee sting with extra juice. Cleaned the area, but throbbing around the lowest rib.



6 thoughts on “Auntie’s Wedding Gown

  1. momoftwo

    A beautiful dress for a lovely lady. Please at least call your doctor about that puncture wound, even if you don’t have a fever. Any infection in the trunk area can be so dangerous. You don’t need any more problems!

    1. Thank you for your concern. I did call ‘urgent care’ (a 24 hr. clinic for such matters w/o visiting the ER). They advised me beyond wound cleaning (puncture) to monitor the spot, my temperature and tenderness and if I become at all fuzzy or tender spot increases in size to immediately come in today. Judging by the spot, I think I did a glancing poke off that lowest front rib. I know the needle could have any number of bad ju ju but it was a thick, stitching needle that some how protruded from a box and was wedged tight by the materials behind it in the box. Odd. Again, thanks for dropping by and yes finding that dress was a sweet moment.

  2. injury isn’t good…glad to hear you have taken care of it….it looks like you are getting into some real treasures now….love your pictures of the purses and the clothes….

    1. Thank you Kathi. Yes, for the most part, slightly different items inside the home. Some repeat stuff in the party room downstairs and upstairs it is more unique and special. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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