Care Giver’s Needs & Hoarding House Update

I ran into this post on my fly fishing blog, SwittersB. It is a meaningful, reminder to health care professionals and to family members to keep a watchful eye on those that function in a care giving role and the toll it often takes. @ Art of the Angle


Worked at the Hoarding House last night after work. Noted the donations were picked up by the Youth Group. Removed some garbage to the spot out back (I knew the vacuum would slowly fill).

Went into the shop in back of the garage. It was my uncles pristine retreat. The fly infestation last Spring and the resultant nuking has created a toxic place. Upon entering I immediately felt the harm. I need to only enter with a mask. I need to gut the room and truly air it out. Bad ju ju, even this morning my throat feels scorched, nose plugged up and eyes itchy. 

Estate settlement is nearing completion, I pray. Received more long needed docs and forwarding to attorney today. A few more remain. Cannot wait until this part of my life is complete as it shows how the mind is depleted in the aftermath of care giving, stress, hospice, death, grieving, mental and physical exhaustion. 

Working at house today, tonight and weekend. It is so easy to get off course or focus and delve into new discoveries and diversions. Also, in the sorting and setting aside of valuables we are making a mess of it. Need to really clear out an open space dedicated just to future estate, eBay, etsy stuff and get it out from under foot.

An easier time, about four years ago, on a trip fishing with my son. I hope to get back to that retreat that is my sanctuary, my church. Basking in the early morning sunshine. How inviting is that?

Neighbors are still very patient and understanding of more sales, drop boxes (20 so far) and the TP on the driveway. I have a little anxiety over this. What with the signage vandalisms and traffic, I truly don’t want to reach a breaking point before we get the inventory greatly reduced.

At some point, I am going to aggressively look in my own back yard (so to speak) and start seriously loading up our own stuff to head to the hoarding site and sell it off in less than 3 weeks.

Speaking of fly fishing, I am due!

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