Internet Connected…Puttering Around

The ‘net was connected yesterday afternoon. Already, I can see that researching items on the various sites is time consuming. It is immediately evident almost all the apparent good stuff is 1940/50 in origin. Like a time warp, everything is as it was in photo’s from 1950. I need to find better sites to establish the value of items eBay, etsy and other sites seem tedious.

There are three such vertical plaques or hangings in the den. I remember these from my childhood. Actually, I think I remember a lot of the non-hoarding stuff that is just being uncovered beneath the stacks.

Most notable, because as I previously mentioned, what I recall it as a boy, are the Ritts Co. Tropitan Furniture. As it turns out there are 3 chairs, 2 large end tables, several smaller tables, a 3 piece couch and other odds and ends. I couldn’t believe how much was concealed beneath the stacks.

Ritt’s Tropitan End Table
Royal Haeger Pottery Bookends. Quite a few other pieces along this line as well.
Quite a few pieces of this unique 1940’s Brian Keller Lobster work. I have a photo album from 1950 in which the pieces are in the same china case against the same wall. Eye catching, but I am not certain they were ever used for entertainment. My Aunt bought the pieces in California prior to moving to Oregon during the war.
Even the window valance follows the Tropitan style and the drapes match the upholstery coverings for the furniture.
This furniture is quite nice and part of this exotic, California influence. Panthers, Peacocks, big bold lamps, lots of colorful glass. The whole room is strikingly different from the rest of the house’s contents. The Tropitan pieces seem different than anything I found on the ‘net. More pieces of material, more substantial than the costly pieces shown elsewhere. It seems quite special and perhaps special to just keep it in the family.

So, a more relaxing evening just researching and having some fun discovering the hidden treasures beneath all the stuff.


4 thoughts on “Internet Connected…Puttering Around

  1. Lynda

    Good Morning! Are you sure it isn’t Brad Keeler pottery? I asked Mr Google, was directed to these sites and they look pretty close to the contents of that shelf! Also, when I checked ebay, a search for Brad Keeler completed listings also found flamingoes of the same genus as the ones in previous posts… and

    Anyway, best wishes for this next stage in the journey.

    1. Hello Lynda,

      Yes they are ink stamped Brad Keller, 867 Made in U.S.A. The Flamingos are a combination: 3 prs…two have no markings but do look like Keller’s work. Another pair are ‘occupied Japan’. He apparently made a variety of figurines and animals so of course I look but there is sooooooooo much. I already see a problem. We are searching willy nilly but not maintaining a file for later, for the estate sales. Now is more of is this yard/garage sale stuff or more valuable. But, we need to maintain a file so we don’t repeat the effort. Oh well part of the learning. I did write Keller’s granddaughter just to say hello but no response yet.Thank you for the leads!!! I appreciate that! And, again thank you for the best wishes.


  2. Tish

    The Tropitan furniture is just so eye catching and lovely. It’s the first thing my eyes are drawn to in each picture!

    If you are keeping a list, it may be worth keeping in Excel (instead of on a piece of paper, which is much easier to lose when you are cleaning).

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