Trailblazing Into the Past


The Den is by far the most unique room in the Hoarding House. A very unique parkay floor, beautiful wooden walls and ceiling and the original furniture and accessories. Lamps, tables, hangings, glassware are original 1950’s. To enter this room is a time warp more than anywhere else in the house. I can recall being there in the 1950’s. Sitting on that couch, gazing out the den windows at the patio. 

Now, it was jammed full of boxes. The Satellite/Internet feeds have to come into the home via this room. Nice stuff here…seems appropriate.

The trail into another time has been blazed. The stack to the ceiling has been knocked down halfway or more. The boxes have been moved outside for the staging. Some of the truly nice stuff has been kept inside.



2 thoughts on “Trailblazing Into the Past

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