Oh What The Heck!! Times A Wastin’

Well this afternoon, while I tended to the pup, parts of the Team met at the Hoarding House. The lull got to them. And, they excitedly reported back beautiful, unique discoveries in the heretofore unexplored den. Stuff boxed and priced by my Auntie from sometime long ago, but still very different and classy. So, the next sale(s) will have a blend of the new and the best of the old (carry over from the previous 4 sales that is still deemed worthy ‘merchandise’.

Hoarding Cleanup Team Members were wide eyed with anticipation as they opened many boxes. Why the difference in stuff? Not sure, except it was not stored outside or in the storage locker like the previous stuff. Maybe she kept it closer at hand, although she had sealed it off from access by creating barriers of stuff in front of it…her plan or just the end result of filling vacuums? Just those silly questions one asks as you ponder ‘was there a method to the madness?’
The Team was so excited at some of their discoveries! They had to blow their own horn.
She was certainly aware of her R Stuff. PIeces tucked away here and there to stay out of harms way.

In the meantime, I go outside to look around and find briars, nightshade, weeds have really gained a stronghold in new areas in my own backyard. Disheartening. Tomorrow morning, early, I know where I will be.


7 thoughts on “Oh What The Heck!! Times A Wastin’

  1. Apart from deer becoming as popular as owls in the decor Top Forty – which means they’ll easily find a home! – they do look very Disney Bambi to me. Which is a whole different collector’s market! Have you checked for labels or pottery company marks? And the flamingos are just fabulous!

    1. I haven’t checked the Bambi’s. The pottery is pretty much Roseville, McCoy, Hull, Weller. We are setting most of it aside to price as best we can. Deciding whether to try online sales vs. waiting for estate sale is the question. Some are part of her decor and we may keep. She had the Bambi’s tucked away in back corners on tables so I think they were cute to her and not for sale. The flamingo’s were something she had a passion for along with the black panthers, and exotic 1940’s/50’s travel stuff (Afrcia, Carribean) decor. Thanks for dropping by Lynda.

  2. If I were closer to you I would be begging to help with unpacking and eventual sale of those things that meant so much to her. It looks like fun to me…kinda like Christmas morning when you never know what’s in the packages. I hope that makes up for all the cleaning you have to do. Keep going Gary and one day you’ll find the end of the work and be left with the memories of the things that were important to her.
    All my Love, cin

    1. Thank you Cindy! It is like that. Exactly. As long as the gifts stay somewhat unique and interesting. So far much more interesting inside the home. Thanks commenting and offering your energy and passion. Bless you!


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