This & That Plus a Pretty Rose

With the recent focus on the family pet and temperatures in the mid 90’s and for the next few days in the 100’s (the house has no air and is stuff/only a few windows open) and the carport/patio/garage acting like an oven…we have not done much this week at the hoarding house.

Pink Beauty in the Morning by SwittersB

Watering flowers early or late, taking a few personal treasures of my Aunt’s to mail to a distant family member, sorting a bit of this and that has been the extent of it. Too distracted, too much heat. Also, the basement is getting quite musty smelling so I must find a dehumidifier asap to capture the moisture. The pup coming home from surgery (probably this weekend) will require immediate care for the next few weeks so that will require coverage at home, while someone works at the hoarding house. With me working and involved in projects there, this will require a lot of late night work. Working there alone at night has been a bit daunting for some.

So, the previously selected mid September sale dates is a month out or less. We have lost about a week. But, I think we have a good buffer even with the puppy rehab. Some Team members are positioned to help a few evenings too.

The internet installation has been pushed back a week. Time has not allowed for clearing out a large area where they could access for installation purposes. Again, we are getting it for easier research for items. Tedious looking on a 2″ phone vs. a 17″ laptop.


One thought on “This & That Plus a Pretty Rose

  1. Tish

    If you have an unlimited data plan on your phone, and the phone is capable of turning into a wifi hotspot, you could use your phone to connect a laptop to the internet. If this makes no sense let me know and I would be glad to explain further.

    Hope the pup’s surgery goes well!

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