Life Interrupts; Priorities Juggled


Well, we have allowed for a fair amount of time between the sales. Mid September being the next sale. This week, the family has been somewhat consumed with our beloved pet…Emma, the Yellow Lab, becoming very ill and about to undergo a serious, risky surgery within the hour.

The priority is, for now, our family member. Like a child, if she survives there will be the post-op care and rehab. I just took time off from work for my son and a surgery. I have less latitude this time. The next few weeks are going to be partially devoted to caring for the pup. That means adjustments to the efforts at the Hoarding House. We have some time to play with but, we didn’t want to have to rush or stress about a date certain. Not sure we have to yet, but any number of life’s small to huge challenges can crop up and side track one from what is already a mentally draining endeavor.

Emma Feeling a Bit More Chipper a Year Ago

Such is life and how it should be.    




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