Defying Science: This Vacuum May Not Fill Right Away

“Descartes (like Aristotle before him) believed that nature abhors a vacuum, and insisted that the entire universe, even regions that we commonly call “empty space”, must be filled with (or, more precisely, must consist of) some kind of substance.” (math pages…don’t go here unless you are a true brainiac)

The Back Yard Vacuum….Again

Really, the cleaning up of the back yard, even if a temporary state, is more of a personal issue for certain Team members. It just feel good to get it done. So, today, I finished it off with a good raking and somewhat of a leveling. 

Later, the attention turned to the interior. A complete difference inside the house. In the Den, many very cool items that were moved into the staging area. Also, some very amazing items that were set aside for consideration later (keep them, eBay/Etsy, estate sales).

The drop box was further topped off and will be picked up tomorrow. A very productive weekend with temps in the 90’s. Time to rest and do a bit of on line research.

Oh, and screw Aristotle and Descartes….that back yard will stay empty for a while so we can all savor it!



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