‘Potatoes’ Soup: The Miracle Soup

When my mom was in our home, in the final stages of hospice care, her sister (our dear, hoarding Auntie) would visit her. Often she brought a 2 qt. Revere Ware pot containing potato soup. The pot had a broken handle and had to be carried with two hands. My mom enjoyed sipping on the soup and my aunt derived satisfaction in helping in what was a hopeless, helpless situation.

And, as has been oft shown here, my Auntie had amazing ingenuity and resolve  in negotiating her trails and stuff. The question we often pondered was how did she make anything in her kitchen. There was a negligible trail to one burner, to the sink and never a utensil in sight. Of course, when the fruit flies became overwhelming in the house, the search commenced for the cause. And, way below the stacks of this and that was an old coffee can with a gosh awful mess of potato skins and assorted gunk. This was some time after my mom’s passing.

Hoarding Woes, The Kitchen Passageway

There like some archeological discovery was some proof of the creation of the potato soup. Coupled with the bag of potatoes in a box on the basement stairs that looked like some other worldly creatures.

So when I came upon this old recipe scribbled in my Aunt’s handwriting for Potatoes Soup, I smiled and marveled at how much must have gone into that broken pot of soup for my dying Mom. 



7 thoughts on “‘Potatoes’ Soup: The Miracle Soup

  1. Ruth

    When my dad was dying of cancer, one of the last foods he was able to eat was my potato soup made from my mom’s recipe. I brought it to him every day for as long as he was able to even taste it.

    So much effort had to go into your dear Auntie making that soup and getting it out of that house. But getting it to her sister gave her a reason to get up and do, and that’s important.

    Like so many of your posts, this one made me cry but they are good tears.

  2. annietiques

    How ironic……all those pots, pans, lids, etc. in the backyard. and the one that she used had broken handles.

    The soup was such a gift of love and much effort!!

      1. annietiques

        I have a confession to make!! Yesterday before I read your blog post I had decided that it was time to go through all the recipes that I had printed off the internet. Low and behold I had three and four copies of my favorite recipes, (I suppose I could not find the original and reprinted them). I had a true moment of panic………mind you this was a totally manageable project, one three ring binder; but I could see how one could easily let all the paper in their lives get out of control. Somehow this small event gave me an insight into the world of your Auntie. But I will tell you this, I would definitely save and frame that recipe.

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