Hooray! Another Drop Box and Studying Too

The week’s rest has been given over to more research about the values of stuff. The internet will be set up at the Hoarding House by next week or so. Boxes have been gently perused and more unique, nice stuff found. A large drop box is scheduled for tomorrow and will be filled through the weekend. Warm temps are forecast but not as insufferable as last weekend. The final paperwork has been submitted to my Aunt’s attorney for the estate settlement. Some lucky, distant, oblivious nephews will receive a nice token of their sweet Aunt’s affection. 

Working now, inside the house, already is having a more profound effect upon our minds. This is closer to her. This is at this turn and that corner her. There she is staring right back. ‘This was me’  I suppose we have had the same realizations for the past year cleaning up the outside stuff. But, I don’t have many memories of her outside. I certainly do inside. It will be ok. It is just this subtle reminder.

This weekend will be a blitz to cleanup and purge stuff off the tables for donations. What is retained will be removed. The tables will be reorganized and freshened. A definite turnaround time for the next few weeks. All good.


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