Transformations of the Same Old Chaos

Hopefully not too many annoying pictures for you to view. I took these shots over the past year of a space/pathway between the garage/carport and the shed/patio. Taken mostly from the back yard toward the house and a few from the house toward the back yard, they show the variations of the mess. Maybe once has the pathway been devoid of stuff or the odds and ends of the cleanup. It is still messy with the orange cone often separating the sales portion of the property from the mess in back. Now that the TP is down and the yard debris is being generated, I think the cleanup in back and along this pathway will progress. It won’t be where it needs to be until all the cleanup is done.

It will undergo a significant augmentation at some point because of water drainage issues into the carport and garage. I suspect some form of a drain field will have to be dug through this area resulting in a total transformation of sorts. Just thought the photos might give some sense of the changes in just one small spot where everyone has had to pass many times.   


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