Treasures + Memories…Bittersweet

A Carousel of Treasures that sets beside the chair that I used to sit in while visiting my Aunt. The clearing of that chair, by her, was a momentus day. It sent a clear statement that we were past me standing for a half hour or less to visit and then shown the door. With the clearing of the chair, I was asked to sit. Eventually, after several hours of visiting, I would remark “Well I better be going”…whereupon my Aunt would say “You just sit right there. You don’t have anywhere to be”.

It is already atypically hot here this morning. The last day of this sale will probably not be a barn burner (what exactly is a ‘barn burner’ beyond a burning barn?). While part of the Team tends to the sale, a couple of us will do yard work out back to thin, remove, trim the landscaping that just has encroached from every direction while that TP and the piles of stuff have accumulated. Not the best time to do some of this but better than just sitting.

Tonight, I will go out and retrace my routes and take down all the signs. That will conclude this round of sales for about a month. For the next month the  Team will seriously look at what has not sold and move it out. The tables will be stripped and perhaps rearranged to give a new look for us and the visiting buyers. New table clothes perhaps. A fresh look for all. Perhaps fresher ‘merchandise’ from inside the house now?

Which transitions us into a new realm. The interior of the house is a different work space than outside. Outside we spent many months dealing with the cold, wet, stench and muck. You can still get a whiff of it now and then. Visitor enjoy the scale of the sales but sometimes I wish they could really see the scale of the transition from what it was to how it sets now as some big  garage sale.

The inside will also present the inescapable decisions that are to come as we move toward the personal treasures of my Aunt. Her stuff she deemed special. There really, unfortunately, aren’t many stories attached to the stuff for us. We never got to peruse the items and have her tell a story about this one and that. There are a few stories but not many.

As we whittle away at the interior stuff (and, make no mistake there are hundreds of boxes and bags of stuff) we will eventually get down to more difficult decisions. Certain family members will be summoned to make selections. I will already have culled out those few items I want. The rest, the treasures of that cute little girl, will be sold off. 

I had a difficult time with that at my Mom’s. I will at my Aunt’s as well. I have attached a persona to the treasures…to the beauty and elegance that once was…or strived for…or wished for.


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