Garage Sales Signs…Go Hot Pink

Freeway Exit Ramp Beggar (SwittersB)

Today as I exited the freeway, I saw the ubiquitous on ramp/exit ramp beggar. He was holding a hot pink sign. As I drew near and stopped beside him, he asked “What the (expletive deleted here)did you take my picture for?” I noted the sign was a garage sale sign for this coming weekend. Not my battle. I lose enough of my own signs. “Have a nice (expletive deleted) day” I said and drove off as the poor soul attempted to kick the side of my truck.

Hoarding Woes Signage

So this did bring to mind the beauty of that hot pink color. I have decided it is better than orange for that extra glow from a distance. I use it for my arrows and the borders on some signs. It jumps out nicely. The craft/art paper is all the rage for garage sales of late and apparently for asshole beggars as well. But that paper is a bit too wobbly and in the wind does not hold up. Either a backing or something is needed when a full sheet is used.

Also, wear surgical gloves when spraying because eventually that paint will be coating your finger tips from the spray nozzle on the can. I would have returned to offer advice to the beggar, but I was in a hurry. 


3 thoughts on “Garage Sales Signs…Go Hot Pink

  1. BumP

    Too bad this post followed the positive lovely post of your beautiful aunt and your mom.
    But at least now you know the homeless people in your neck of the woods appreciate your colorful vibrant signs. Good luck on your sales- stay hydrated.

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