There Once Was a TP………………….


As some of you know that graciously follow Hoarding Woes, there once was a Storage Locker of epic proportions. To save money, in March right after my Auntie died, we emptied that storage locker and transported all the contents in four U-Haul truck loads from the storage facility back to my Aunt’s property. 

We erected a 10x10x20 canopy, which for some reason we called the TP. Every square inch of that canopy was stuffed with boxes, top to bottom, side to side, forwards and to the rear.

Tonight it was emptied of everything save one big box of Iris Depression glass, which I need to re-box into two manageable boxes and move to a safe, non-garage sale location pending the estate sale.

Sometime this weekend, I will get some help to remove the tarps and dismantle the frame. Parts of it are badly damaged because the load shifted/settled and caused the heavy boxes to tumble backwards and bend the rear most pipes…fairly substantial pipes.

The TP (canopy) sits empty!

This brings up this issue: stacking boxes. Those boxes in the storage locker had been in there for roughly ten years. They were stacked tight and nothing cascaded over. When we moved them into the canopy they were also stacked high and tight. But, a few different elements were introduced into the storage equation this time: moisture, random stacking, cardboard boxes collapsing, loads shifting, glassware and pottery being crushed/broken as the boxes shifted and settled due to moisture and invading water on the floor of the canopy. We had put down what we thought were thick tarps and run them up the sides of the canopy. But, as the boxes shifted, the tarps also shifted and collapsed allowing water to enter into the sides and underneath. Something we did not immediately notice during the Spring. 

At any rate, it is empty! Yeehaw and thanks to the Team for the huge effort to empty that canopy, almost single handedly completed by my br0-in-law. 



6 thoughts on “There Once Was a TP………………….

  1. annietiques

    A great accomplishment indeed!!! Hard to imagine how much that storage unit cost your Auntie over the years????? And how on earth she filled it??
    This is truly a milestone……..congrats to all especially your brother in law.

    Hoping you and your team are going to take a short break to heal and prepare for the next set of sales!

    1. Thank You! She spent in excess of $35K on a storage locker she never went into and with her fuzzy thinking forgot she had in the end. She had that fire, which could have been a ‘good’ event to clean out the house. The Insurance company boxed all her stuff and jammed that storage locker 15′ high. She never had entered the locker and I am sure she forgot even what she had. We entertained the idea of selling the stuff off as is for a lump sum of say $1k just to get rid of it. Now that would have been a bad idea as it turns out. But, still glad it is gone! One more sale starts tomorrow and then yes a longer break from the sales. We will still be inside then sorting and searching and removing items out into the patio, garage, carport, driveway canopy. I do have to get that driveway canopy down at some point to spare the neighbors. Thanks for commenting. Hope your Summer has not been too oppressively hot back there.


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