Filling the Gaps, Closing In, Self Talk

We have a sale scheduled for this weekend. This follows a sale last weekend. Last night, we asked why we scheduled sales back to back twice now. We could not recall the rationale other than getting it done.

Now we have already put out the word so we feel we have to go forward but, we are dealing with serious physical ailments. Several of the Team members are actually in trouble. We need to slow down. Plus the cooler weather is reportedly giving way to high 80’s and low 90’s this coming weekend.

On a brighter note by tomorrow night, the backyard TP will be totally empty. It is 99% empty now. All that remains is a bin of Depression glass, many hanging lamp components and a bit of this and that. I will enjoy taking pictures of the empty TP and then taking it down this weekend! The Storage Locker/outside stuff part of this journey will be officially done!

The signs go back up tomorrow night. I made more of them last night to replace the damaged, worn and vandalized. More brightly colored arrows. Repeatedly, visitors remark that they had to follow the signs and just see if the sale was as represented. Of course it is. 


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