50% / 50% (Hoarding Cleanup)


The weather pattern, for now, seems to be in a comfortable pattern now: morning marine air has pushed in off the Pacific so cloudy and cool, followed by afternoon warmth and some sunshine. Makes it bearable under the covered patio and carport/garage/canopy. Makes working in the TP (X) and Shed better as well.

To recap: the aerial shows the yard as it looked a year ago. The backyard, passageways toward the front and driveway to the front were all full of stuff beneath layers and layers of grey and blue tarps. The shed, patio, carport, garage and shop were impenetrable with stuff. Now, the sales have commenced and the patio, carport and garage are the sale’s areas. The back yard TP/Canopy is at location X. There is another canopy on the driveway, toward the carport. The shed is 75% empty and what remains isn’t very impressive. The back yard TP is 90% empty and there remains some nice stuff, but a lot of individual this and that pieces (3 glasses of this, two saucers, one figurine, 7 punch bowel cups, a Corning ware bottom with out the lid and of course a different lid without the bottom, lamp parts and on it goes). Not sure if we will put all those odds and ends out.

Today will be another 50% off day to move the stuff. 

So, not to jump ahead too quickly because ‘the yard stuff’ still remains for now, but if I try and do an assessment of what has been accomplished by comparing quantity (how many things and how much space is consumed storing it) then I judge the whole process to be 50% complete by the end of next weekend’s sale. This week’s sale + next week (sigh) should complete the outside portion of the cleanup.

Then we will focus on extracting the garage sale stuff from the house’s bedrooms, den, dining room, living room and full basement/bedroom out into the patio, carport, garage while the weather holds. I figure we can hold several more sales into the end of October. After that, we could still run sales into the Fall/Winter using the garage, a smaller scale and easily warmed.

While that is going on, the insides will be continually groomed for the Estate Sale Contents. I am not yet sure of when that Estate Sale will occur. That is jumping ahead, but it looms out there as I look at the almost full rooms inside the home. I imagine the house contents in all those boxes and bags is cookie cutter equal to the stuff from outside. Maybe not, but what few boxes I have peeked into it seems to be that way.

There are boxes beneath the house in a crawl space that I have not been able to get to yet. Who knows what lurks beneath the house. I did from the electrician working in the attic that there was nothing stored in the attic.



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