Seeing the Treasures for the Mess

Seeing the Treasures for the Junk

As you stand there, whether inside or outside, you will often feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the effort before you. The expenditure of time, money, physical and mental capacity is calculated and recalculated. And, whether you have help or stand alone, the response is still the same….no matter what: the enormous response must begin one handful at a time. Step upon step…handful after handful. Bent, stooping, lifting, carrying, thousands of steps must commence with that first handful.

As you stare into the tangled, dizzying messes the worthy, the valuable, the treasure is not obvious at first. Oh maybe your eyes jump out at the contrast of objects but you learn soon enough that the pretty pottery amidst the weeds, wetness, dirty newspaper although a contrast does not necessarily denote value or worth.

Handfuls of stuff sorted, stacked, resorted, reconsidered will take place thousands of times until you develop an eye for what is a treasure amidst the junk. Yes, you will have tossed, donated or broken many items and then realize later those items were indeed valuable or worth keeping for the family. Don’t cry over spilled treasures. Do keep an eye on how others handle items. Stacking heavy cardboard boxes of valuables can be problematic as the boxes settle and crush the contents below.

I’m not talking about the pristine estate that needs to be sorted out and sold at optimum value. I am talking massive accumulations of stuff, often encased in filth, smells, water, critters and unsightly places that make you hesitant to reach in.

Take heart, through all the doubts, clouds of inertia, you will make progress. You will compare where you started and where you are now. Then you will look about and see you have many miles to go….right here at this point…do not become stalled out or feel down. Maybe slow down or speed up, but believe you will get there.

Good advice don’t you think? Yes, and even today I am focusing upon my own advice as the horizon seems soooooooo far away. But, heeding my own advice, I know much has been accomplished and with mental adjustments, the end is near…just more months out than first calculated. ‘Adjustments’ in pace, patience, timelines, plans are normal and the mere fact you can form a plan, then adjust it are good signs. If you are adrift with no plan, no sense of adjusting then you better put it where you can see it….put down the plan and then follow it and change it as needed.  



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