How About Some Uplifting…………

At times, I surmise I am in a rut of the mundane and routine. I mean, yes I have had some troubling things happen to me. But, one thing I have learned is what we all know and even say, ‘Things could be way worse’. We usually say that when we come upon someone carrying a load far bigger than our own and they are carrying it with grace we can’t imagine.

Such is the case with Robyn Lee at Through the Healing Lens. Very beautiful work and an inspiring person behind the camera. She is more than ‘half full’…she is running over. Check out the lovely photography. Read her bio in the link I provided….no really read it line by line and go forth.


3 thoughts on “How About Some Uplifting…………

  1. Oh my…Am so touched that you created this post in my honor…. was just over here exploring and enjoying, and stumbled on this quite spontaneously. Thank you so very much for appreciating my story. Challenges continue – but I am doing my best, and finding joy in all I can. Blessings and Love to you always ~ Robyn Lee

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