Good Start…Steady Traffic…Repeats

Second hand info, the signage brought new people but it also was recognizable to past visitors. They saw the signs and came on down. Steady traffic all day. Not a barn burner, but hundreds of items were carried away.

My day, on the other hand, was post op care for a family member. Ice, meds, water, food, warmth, wound cleaning and care, more ice. Frequent updates gave me an idea about the pace of the sale and the interests. All in all, a good start. The patient, on the other hand, is restless.

The day ended with spirits high, price reductions again tomorrow. The move the volume vs. maximizing gain push-pull has finally swung toward volume. The estate sales can muddle through maximizing values, if possible. Weather tomorrow…possible morning drizzle pushing in from the coast and afternoon warmer. Today, a lot of individual visitors today. Signage worked. Not sure about ads.


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