An Evening Sorting Jewelry

The afternoon at the hoarding house was for tidying up. Sweeping and dusting off table tops. Completing pricing. And, bringing home box after box of jewelry for tags, bags and pricing. 

Musty smelling boxes from basement closets holding seemingly never ending necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings. Some unique and glitzy, and a lot of it that same old stuff. Boxes of lone pieces, single earrings, partial necklaces and broken pins.

Boxes of necklaces. Nothing too fancy. Tagged and put back in boxes until they can be transported back to the sale site and priced/displayed. Much like when we brought a lot of my mom’s stuff home in boxes, the house is now permeated with that musty smell. A rack has been designed to hang the necklaces and air them out…away from that musty box smell.

I feel better about this sale than I did for the previous sales. Pricing is significantly better. The variety has purposely been mixed up and rearranged to give a new look…a fresh look to any returning customers. The Team has performed with amazing results. I am blessed. The weather looks to be holding out in the high 70’s/low 80’s with no precip. Rain hurt us last time. A break tomorrow for personal reasons. The drop box was not picked up today as planned. Probably tomorrow. Signs up Wednesday. 


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