Sputtering & Tuning Up: Great Effort

The last few days had seemed a waste at times. We sputtered about, sat more than worked, talked but did nothing or little to nothing. But, yesterday and today were successful and once the Team moved beyond a certain something…not sure what the catalyst was, the moods elevated and a lot of work was accomplished.

The sign making station was a happening place. I constructed a dozen and half new signs, and now know to next time wear surgical gloves when using hot orange, pink and chartreuse colors. Right now my hands look like a cross with Spumoni Ice Cream and traffic cones.

This is important as one of the Team members is having surgery this coming week and I will be out of the mix tending to the post op member. I won’t be able to participate in the next sale. I plan to have some relief Wednesday at some point to put up the signage but other than that,  I am out of the mix. So, I wanted to get as much done this weekend as I could to assist everyone else. I am never that instrumental in the actual sale as I am working behind the scenes and keeping stuff moving from the holding places onto the tables. So, this weekend, we staged a bunch of stuff that will back fill empty spots provided the Team remembers to fill the voids.

Hidden Treasures: When I think back to the start of the cleanup, outside on the driveway over a year ago, I recall how the ‘stuff’ was really not very impressive. It neither seemed marketable nor appealing to even a garage sale visitor. But, hidden away amongst her monotonous stuff have been treasures. Particularly impressive is the amount of classy items that were stored in that storage locker. It is amazing that she had never been there to visit her inventory. Because the contents of that locker has yielded really beautiful, classy items….that has changed my perceptions of my Auntie’s buying habits. I mean untold punch bowl sets had me on the ropes along with endless pots and pans with non-matching lids and bottoms or all the other odds and ends. But, the TP out back that has been holding the contents of the storage locker, which we emptied out in March, has been impressive to say the least. Yep, renewed my faith in the little elf.

So, a great deal done! More blitzing tomorrow during the day for some of the Team and I will help some also tomorrow evening. Great Effort Team!!! Great stocking the tables…reorganizing the presentation…significant price reductions to try for volume off the property…huge effort on the back TP (85% done)…signage done…cleanup and tucking away tomorrow…collect our thoughts just prior to the sale…. More to follow………….


2 thoughts on “Sputtering & Tuning Up: Great Effort

  1. Tish

    Energy ebbs and flows, and sometimes groups need to reconnect before going back out into the fray. Sounds like you all just needed to connect with one another a bit to re-energize! Good luck this week to the whole team.

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