Pointed In the Right Direction

The day turned warmer than expected, of course. The effort was made and the box was filled. Space was gained. The sense of more and more garbage is temporarily removed. Donations were accumulated. Re-pricing progressed well. New signage was started. Finally after seven hours, I cried uncle. Back tomorrow morning.

The 10 yard box was just right to hold most of the debris and make room in the back yard for more stuff coming out of the TP/Canopy tomorrow and in the next two sales.
The TP/Canopy is about half empty, maybe more. It was stifling hot in here today and I admittedly didn’t do much in here today. Much of the stuff on the left side has been sorted and is ready to move out onto the now full tables. We have to be efficient at moving the items out in a rapid pace and pricing them as they are moved out. I recall a lot of good ‘stuff’ that went into the TP at the beginning…at the rear, where the stacks collapsed. We shall see……………
Which way to that ‘epic’ ‘huge’ ‘awesome’ sale? Made some directional aids today. More of the written signs need to be made in the next few days. They will all go up Wednesday. That will take the usual 3+ hours.

A fair amount was accomplished today…most importantly the mental commitment to lower pricing and get the drop box filled. 


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