Cool Morning…Slow Motion…A Bit of Dread

The morning has dawned cloudy and a bit cooler. A good thing. Drop box being delivered about now. One Team member to help today. The box will be filled today. Today and tomorrow will also be used for re-pricing. Strong commitment by all to lower prices and move the stuff. We were not in sync last time and dissension on holding out for worth vs. getting rid of volume. That inherent mental battle. Of course my Auntie went through the same thing except it was volume coming in not going out!

I have an inner dread that despite my professed easy going attitude about this process’s length, everyone will grow weary of this. We have two more immediate sales. That will not suffice before any estate sales. Four more sales seems like it and that is mentally daunting. Not the actually having the sales but just the touching of thousands more items and all that goes with it.

That will not make a dent inside the house. It will only finish off the outside stuff which still is there. There is this weariness that just subtly drags you down that coupled with other life forces that have their own depletion of mind and health. 

Positive self talk is needed and not just in one’s own head. We need to pump each other up, remind each other that we will succeed, we will endure and survive all these tribulations. And, as all of you remind me….look how far we have come. The sales are like being stuck in the spillway of a dam. Sooner or later we can move down stream (pretty cool analogy hey?) and feel like we have indeed moved on! Ok out the door.


2 thoughts on “Cool Morning…Slow Motion…A Bit of Dread

  1. You know, you are certainly entitled to feeling “a bit of dread”. We who read are still in awe of the marathon you are running. I’m just glad you seem to balance it with grace!

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