Fresh Plantings & Rain

I removed some of the older ferns and Azaleas. I left one larger, weeping Fuchsia and two tall evergreens. I stuck in Phlox, Lavender, Hardy Fuchsias, and other bright perennials. They will fill in from 1′ to 3′ and cover the downspout in back. I need something along the front edge for additional color and as a buffer to the new pathway and runoff. When it fills in this month, the bed will be a nice splash of colors. My Aunt would have approved.

This morning it is raining. A light rain and perfectly timed for the plantings yesterday. Less heat and you know how rain is seemingly much more nurturing than from the hose.

Looked over the large stacks of debris and garbage out back. My mind (and body) glazed over with the idea of carting it all to the front. I have time until after the next few sales, but of course, there will be even more accumulated by then. The TP awaits with all the stuff still in there. This next week will be a big push to pull out more unique stuff. 


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