Inheriting the Hoard (The Clock Ticks for Many)

Many of us, whether we get to actively glimpse the hoarding mess or are cordoned off from gathering the true magnitude, know that sooner of  later we will have to collect ourselves and bend over and sort handful by handful, hour by many hours. Such is the case at Inheriting the Hoard. 

The how’s and why’s of the hoarder(s) are important but the mental/physical journey of those that inherit the hoard is critical too: anger, sadness, resentment, anxiety, disgust, fascination, discoveries, conflicted, grief, turning away….so much more to know in this very long journey.  


One thought on “Inheriting the Hoard (The Clock Ticks for Many)

  1. I’ve thought many, many times (and more recently said out loud) that I will not be able to properly grieve my parents’ deaths because I will be so burdened and infuriated by having to clean up the mess they will leave behind. The only positive thing about this is that I will never leave such a mess for my own children. Never.

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