Letting Go……. I know, I know………

I know, I know….I need to just let go of this fascination, no wrong word, irritation with what has become of ‘the old house’. I drove by this week. Not my house, the old house. Sold. Not my concern. To each their own. At least there is still the glimmer of old, the shining roses. I said that last time didn’t I? 
Yes, I must let go of this slightly OCD, drive by, think back mode. Not healthy. People lived in that home before my parents. People will live in this home after these folks. It will change and for the better eventually.

11 thoughts on “Letting Go……. I know, I know………

  1. Mary

    I understand. I still drive by the house I grew up in, even though my parents sold it over 25 years ago. It’s in a different state so I only get a chance to do that maybe once a year. It’s been kept up and a garage added to it. I’d be very upset though to drive by it and see it in a state of disrepair or not kept up to my parents standards.

    I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I admire you, your wife and your helpers in all that you have been doing in the past months and in the months to come. I have been so touched by the love you have/had for your Aunt and think she was so lucky to have you and your wife there for her. I just can’t imagine all you have been thru in dealing with not only her hoard, but your mother’s as well. Bless you both (and your helpers).

  2. annietiques

    I’m wondering if there are local ordinances regarding lawn care where you live???? In my neck of the woods I would have long ago received several citations for a lawn in that condition!!! Just a thought…..

    I understand your OCD about the house, you and yours put in a lot of time there! I still drive by my father’s home……….he hasn’t lived there since 1981!!!!

    Love, love, love the roses!!

    1. Actually there are, but the neighbors are kind souls and probably watching it more as a social experiment than a nuisance. I have a neighbor beside me that has never maintained his yard since the prior owners moved away. Everything in disrepair. Yes, I do love them too.

  3. Hey! I like how you kinda used a scrapbook-style to show us this grouping of pictures. : ) To be honest this even bothers *me* each time I see it. Maybe it would be better for ALL OF US FAITHFUL READERS if you didn’t drive by anymore. lol. Really……we all transition at our own rate. It’s normal for this to irk you.

  4. Marilyn Lugo

    Escrow closed last Friday, 6/29/12, on the house that my father built, and belonged to us for 66 years. Nothing fancy; it was a small house on a small lot in Los Angeles. But, in my life, it was so much.

  5. Veronica in CA

    I’m beginning to think that house could be a blog all on its own! Like, what IS that bamboo thing anyway? Is something supposed to grow on it? I understand your fascination with the house. I admit, I’m fascinated too.

    Are you ever going to ring the doorbell and meet the people? If so, you better report back to us. We want all the details! Double-dog dare ya!

    1. Ha! Well, I don’t think I am in a respectful enough place to knock on the door right now. I was so inclined before but for the wrong reasons, of course. As for the bamboo passage over the stairs and the chopped off birch logs stuck into the ground (previous lawn) and held together with bamboo and hemp I don’t believe they are trellis but rather some welcoming dealy (see I don’t know what to call it) one passes through into the garden wonderland. I could knock on the door and intro myself and see if they want to get rid of the two splashes of color…the roses…that remain.No, I am going to put a smile on my face about this and just shake my head in wonderment. I tend to value liberty above social conformity as long as it doesn’t overly infringe on neighbors. I am not a neighbor so, not my problem. Only my bizarre transformation to share. You know the first time I saw this I did knock on the door, but they were not home or answering.

      1. Veronica in CA

        I bow to you, sir, for your courage in ringing the doorbell. Without even needing a double-dog dare.

        Probably more fun to speculate about the people and what the projects are. My guess is that they are very nice young people who are enthusiastic, but inexperienced, gardeners. Big dreams and lots of hyper Home Depot commercials. “This weekend, let’s get this done!”

        My parents were like this, and even made bamboo fences for their garden, which disintegrated into the soil after 3 or 4 Chicago winters. After that experience, it was: “This weekend, let’s call the fence company and have them install a real fence!”

        As long as you are more amused than irritated, feel free to engage in more drive-bys and continue your fascinating documentation.

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