Tables Covered for a Bit

The post Sales anticipation, efforts and mental focus have paid off on the front end, middle and in the end. But, also there is a bit of fatigue as everyone involved has physical impairments and just plain mental drain. A small operation by business standards, a small start up op. Surely not something I would want to do year after year. We all are patiently working our way through the calendar, watching some space be gained, being optimistic. If we stand back and catch some glimmer of objectivity, we have come a long ways.

But, everyone has full time jobs, family commitments. So a break is in order. Time to celebrate what liberty we have left (the 4th), celebrate several more birthdays (atop the four already this past month) and just regroup.

A portion of the backyard debris piles. With more to follow as items are unwrapped, paper is accumulated, boxes are broken down, broken glass, rusty metal, broken ceramics, on and on it accumulates as worthy treasures and stuff move to the front onto the tables. As I have said, we have greatly limited our access to the front of the property with the sale set up. An alternative route, much longer exists and will have to be utilized.
I have to throw this in once in awhile to regain perspective. The Garage, Carport, Patio and a portion of the Driveway (beneath another canopy) are staged for the sales. The Driveway now has the canopy toward the Carport that is staged for sale. The Large Storage Shed is 50% empty of stuff. The big blue tarped back yard is full of recycling debris right now and the TP/Canopy is back there and about 50% empty. That remaining  50% each from the shed and TP will filter into the sales areas during the next 2-3 sales. Then, of course, there is the house (main floor, full basement) now probably 75% full of stuff of varying degrees of worth. Sorting inside will involve the ‘is this garage sale stuff or estate sale stuff’ assessments. So progress has been surely made over the past year.

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