Nell Walker Warner

Nell Walker Warner: I have looked at, but not really looked at, this ‘painting’ or print on the wall next to where my Aunt sat and visited with me. I will have to check it out. Probably not an original, but I am certain she loved the flowers and elegance portrayed. It always had a mound of stuff piled up to obscure the image. The pile was reduced down when we originally thought my Aunt would be coming back home to mend her broken bones. Once the dementia set in she never did make it back to her cherished safe haven.

7 thoughts on “Nell Walker Warner

  1. Smart, doing the 50% off on the last ten minutes of the sale. Whatever gets the buyers to take a few more items down the driveway. You and The Team really know how to “bob & weave” as the process moves along. Such a marathon! I remember that when our kids were in youth group at church we used to have big annual sales (donations from congregation) to raise funds for their mission trips and toward the end of the sale they would announce $1.00 for as many clothes as you could fit into a grocery bag. If they hadn’t moved by then they just wanted to avoid having to pack them up to donate.

  2. Jackie

    My, mother has this, it was her mother’s an my mother is 85 years old. How to I fine if a print or the real thing?? How much for it???

    1. Hundreds (print) vs. Thousands (Original). I would have to research experts in the W-W area or online and find out more. I believe my Aunt’s is a print, but if it looked more authentic, I would have to start calling and writing re the artist and possible values. Research eBay etc. for similar sales or offerings. This area is all new for me so just learning as I go and haven’t really delved into this yet beyond the post re the wall hanging. Best wishes!!! If you learn anything let me know please?

      1. I recall doing the research and because it was a copy it was not worth more than the frame and a bit more. I was hopeful at first, but she didn’t seem to invest in paintings…more the pottery/furniture direction.

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