In Back of the Sales….The Stacks & That Sinking Feeling

Right now there are three repositories of stuff (maybe more, I will explain). The house, which has barely been touched…the Shed (a 10′ x 15′ covered area) and the TP (a covered canopy 10′ x 20′).

I have handled the Shed and my brother-in-law the TP. The TP has suffered mightily. The load shifted after we crammed the TP in March. You recall we emptied out the mega storage locker and erected the TP to handle most of the contents. The boxes settled and shifted and tilted thereby raising the sides and allowing rainwater to run in under the boxes and make matters worse. Like a sinking city, the contents have not only drastically leaned to the side, but settled into a oozy, cardboard-contents mess of broken glass, muck and wetness. Not as bad as it once was in back for sure. But still not an nice environment to work in. 

The Shed is better off. The bottom boxes to have moisture and mold/mildew from the wet bricks but the load has not shifted as badly. These three areas provide the new ‘merchandise’ moving up front. When we are bent over and digging through all this stuff and attempting to remove worthy items…this is when intruders that bypassed barriers pop up. It is annoying, distracting and they are obviously snooping for whatever purpose.

I mentioned another source for stuff. Our home, other Team member’s homes. Although not a hoarding scene, there is a lot of stuff that we could move out right now. It is a perfect opportunity to clean out stuff. It lends some contrast to all the mid century stuff too. We shall see how diligent I am in cleaning out my own nest. I did move out some old fishing rods and they sold right away.


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