She Cleans Up….A Hoarding Cleanup Stuggle



4 thoughts on “She Cleans Up….A Hoarding Cleanup Stuggle

  1. hopeandwings

    I cannot even imagine the tremendous energy and commitment that it takes to have enormous yard/garage sales weekend after weekend. I have had a couple, and since then I put the stuff out in the alley with a sign “free, take it away”. That works well. Or I would pack it up and send it to auction, my time and energy are worth more than the crap my Mother kept for us to sort through.

    1. Linda I understand. The counter balance to all this sales effort is we have used over 15 drop boxes to throw the ‘crap’ out; donated a dozen loads to Women’s Groups and Vet’s Groups and made repeated scrap metal runs and given the money to the needy. Yet, we are still buried. The giant storage locker has been a thorn. Had we not had that, we would have had the outside stuff done by now and been into the house. I believe the rest of the Summer will be given over to the cleanup outside, while someone attempts to maneuver the inside of the house, staging stuff. We will be selling into the Winter as long as the weather holds in October. My Auntie, unfortunately or fortunately had, at time, pretty damn good taste in ‘stuff’. Hard to toss it. Can’t wrap my head around the auction process given the sheer volume of it all. Thanks for visiting and commenting…appreciate it.

  2. Mags

    I have read your whole blog. You are a dedicated man, your family must be proud of you. I hope you find the peace you deserve

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