What If……………………..?

What if a man driving down a back road in Portlandia, was headed to a lumber yard and saw our ‘Epic’ signs and decided to follow them? What if he arrived and looked around at the quantities of stuff? Once asked if he is looking for anything in particular, the man says ‘no, but I know people that might be interested in this’. What if  TV series filming locally buy up stuff for their sets? And, this man, a set builder is well acquainted with the set designer of the TV series. Not getting my hopes up but it did seem promising. We shall see. Apparently the two shows need contacts to buy some stuff here and there. Names and numbers were exchanged. Interesting and I love those shows!

Sale today was successful. Not just because of the possible contacts but because a steady flow of visitors moved through and moved stuff down the driveway. On the other side, a full silver set of kitchen ware is gone. Stolen. Didn’t see it. Backpacks, big bags and such move into the areas of the sale. Truth is the help tends to congregate toward the front and visit. Gab. Laugh and enjoy the moment. Areas are left unchecked and stuff goes missing. Not a biggy but this silver set was a cool 50’s set and such a shame it went away under those circumstances…ugh.

The signage has been indispensable in getting people to the sales, even potentially very helpful people. Heavy rains predicted for tomorrow. 


3 thoughts on “What If……………………..?

  1. Ugh….it was bound to happen, but still…..some people have no conscience. So sorry.

    But….the offer! This could move your work along quickly! Plus, you’d have the added bonus of always thinking……I wonder what movie/tv set that vintage whatsit is gracing now? Very fun to imagine. Just the thought of a truck driving up and hauling off large portions of the hoard has got to intrigue you.

    Carry on.

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