The Spot in the Basement

If you have followed along here at Hoarding Woes, you know that before all this cleanup with my Auntie’s house there was a long journey of cancer with my Mom. She too had a hoarding home. A frankly filthy hoarding home that no one and I mean no one was admitted into. I have written about it before…her self imposed isolation. Isolated from the outside unless she escaped the confines of the house. Isolated inside the house from the toilet, the bathtub, the shower, the washer and dryer, the sinks. Isolated to a very small spot in the basement, sitting and sleeping in a narrow chair. Surrounded beyond your imagination in stuff. Wet stuff, dirty stuff, discarded stuff, treasures. The only avenue out was up the basement stairs, crawling up stuff that obscured each step.

The Spot in the Basement. The metal footings of the chair wore into the cement surface. None of this floor visible beneath 1′ to 7′ of piled stuff that cascaded everywhere. The Spot that was covered by an old lounge chair that couldn’t recline. The only spot to sit, to listen to an old radio, to sleep, to think, to escape.

Is your loved one living this way? Are you avoiding the confrontation? Do something, don’t just sit there thinking it will go away. 


2 thoughts on “The Spot in the Basement

  1. I love your comment at the end of this post. I am much younger than you, but I am going through a similar process with my mother now. It is the most stressful process to do when someone is still living and they make you feel horrible for invading their privacy. I want to give up every day, but I know every little bit helps in the end and I’m sick of avoiding the confrontation any longer. So now I blog about it to release some of the stress!!

    1. The avoidance is sickening. The confrontation is too. I wish you the very very best and pray you have assistance along the way. Guild, doubts, regrets, shame, anger, sadness come no matter which direction you go. Best wishes for sure.

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