2nd. Sale Prep…Signs Up & Floors Swept

The signs went up this afternoon-evening. Most were stapled-nailed to wooden telephone poles. I said it before, but until you get up close and personal with these poles you don’t get the full flavor of their use, abuse and adornments. Some 44 signs went up. I also experimented with a sign stapled to a wooden slat that is then taped to metal poles. Some nearby streets have no wooden poles. I know all this is a touchy subject in some jurisdictions. I get that and I guess I am ignoring that given the heavy use of advertising via poles in the Portlandia area.

This is an experimental sign. The normal sign is stapled to the wooden strip. The staples are bent over in the rear if they protrude through the wooden slat. Duct tape secures the slat to the pole. In a few days, should the sign survive, I will slit the tape with a knife and remove the sign (and the tape). I tried a half dozen of these on the larger metal poles (shown here) and on the smaller street sign type poles.

The tables have been stocked with fresh, slightly different merchandise this time. I am also filtering in more contemporary items from home to get rid of some things and to not solely display mid-century/vintage stuff. 

I didn’t get around to calling the vintage shops I had found. I will in the morning. This sale will have a much improved display of costume jewelry. The floors were swept up. The goods rearranged on the table tops and another deep breath taken. 

The neighbors have been very supportive. There may be some that are irritated, but for the most part the compliments are supportive, kind and reassuring. We are making a concerted effort to keep the front yard looking very nice thanks to a neighborhood gardner who had cut my Aunt’s lawn for years. I have retained him. I intend to plant some flowers in front but just haven’t had the energy to do so of late. I did pot some red Geraniums in back. My Aunt would have liked that.


3 thoughts on “2nd. Sale Prep…Signs Up & Floors Swept

  1. Nora

    Good luck with the sale! You and your helpers have been working so incredibly hard for so long. I hope it’s a huge success.

    1. Thank you Nora. The sales are going pretty well. Behind the scenes, I’m not so certain what we are creating, but we will somehow survive the rough patches.

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