Hoarding Sale Prep….Again

Today we headed back to the Hoarding Home (and garage, patio, carport, yard). The prior effort and staging is a relief. We had covered all the tables with painter’s drop cloths (light plastic sheets) to keep the dust off the ‘merchandise’.

Tonight was given over to two primary tasks: attempting to sort through a lot of jewelry to package and display the lesser pieces and price them. A display stand was also created by the Team and quite a bit was packaged. It is a dent and will help for the start of the sale. The displays will be staged near the cashier and helper to reduce pilfering and price swapping.

These flashy pieces are older ‘vintage’? pieces. My Auntie had so many of these it is easy to discount their value given the amount. But, I think they are of more value than a quick couple bucks each.

The second task, an important task, was to inspect the signs we took down Sunday night for damage and possible refreshing. Also, I intended to create more signs. After removal of the original signs, maybe two dozen were worth a refresh effort of paint and darkened lettering.

In addition, I made an additional dozen and a half signs of various sizes. Also, I made three dozen arrow signs to insert along the way. I bought more spray paint, surveyor’s tape and razor blades. It poured most of the night so I had to do the work inside the garage without making a mess. Tomorrow an 80 degree day will help dry things out.

Some of the finished signs ready to go. The last time, it took nearly three hours to put up all the signs. It will take longer tomorrow night. It will be a long night.


3 thoughts on “Hoarding Sale Prep….Again

  1. Mary Lou Gargett

    Your jewelry pictures are wonderful and make me wish I could come to the sale. I would be the “little old lady” who spent hours looking at the jewelry and bought a lot! I am a like your mom and aunt in that I love the vintage stuff. It is so pretty.

    I am impressed by how well you are doing and how you are progressing. It was a smart idea to invite the neighbors and friends for a preview. The neighbors will be more forgiving of all the traffic if they feel part of the process. I am following your blog every day and appreciate all of your updates.


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