Hoarding Woes Garage Sale: Round 1 Ruminations

Well rumination is probably the wrong word as that is a destructive habit, much like hoarding’s obsessions. Let’s say post sale considerations. What do I feel or think after the preparations and sale activities?

I feel pretty darn happy. I was very down at times given the vastness of the endeavor, the stresses of life and the pressures to pull it off. I mean this is a garage sale for goodness sakes, but for some reason we imposed our own stresses to make it just so and to honor the fine traditions of my hoarding mom and aunt! Geeze!

 The Team was amazing. The presentation and effort was top notch. The visitors and buyers overwhelmingly friendly and amazed. The awareness of hoarding is definitely out there and aside from any hoarders we may have had visit, there were dozens of folks that have had or are facing a hoarding mess. Most acknowledged their tasks were not as sizable as my dear Auntie’s ‘collection’ but there were some with barns and acreage and houses and outbuildings that are crushed by the sheer magnitude of it all (I know who that sounds familiar too!).

A day to rest up the mind and body and I think the Team will be ready to regroup and get ready again. We will lose parts of the Team and other members will assume larger roles and we will make it happen. Everyone has a life and jobs and their own pressures. I have to emphasize the physical injuries and maladies that almost everyone has and how the pain mounts through the course of a day until you just have to stop moving and protect. I feel bad about that because much of the aggravation has come from the cleanup over the last two years at my mom’s and my aunt’s. Thousands of loads up stairs, around corners, down driveways into drop boxes, slippery footing, awkward and heavy loads. It has taken its toll.

There is a brightness to the day and some contented smiles after the successful first sale.

The next few days of rest will focus on creating new signage; packaging up costume jewelry; digging further into the TP and sheds for new, interesting stuff; outreach to vintage area shops; removing anything off the tables that just didn’t move down the driveway; evaluating pricing and keeping a positive attitude. Again, I sincerely thank all of you that lend words of encouragement and advice. Through the elder care, dementia, hospice, death, grief, hoarding…you have all been so kind and supportive. The humbling aspect of all this is that I know you all have your own life’s burdens and sadness too. I am truly humbled by your wisdom and kindness.


4 thoughts on “Hoarding Woes Garage Sale: Round 1 Ruminations

  1. swmbo

    I am astounded at how clean all of your merchandise appears. You all must have dish-pan hands by the time a table is loaded. All of you inspire me with your get-it-done attitudes.

    1. Thanks. I would say we attempt to hand wash the vast majority of the items. Yesterday, as the stuff left I tried to pull out new stuff without washing it. The dust, grime and dead spiders inside the items was a bit much so I had to slow down to wash the gunk away.

    1. Thank you Tish. The Team commences another one starting tomorrow. Everyone does such an extraordinary job, day in and out. I am very proud of everyone involved.

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