Cleanliness is Next to……’Wash It!’

You’ve heard the old saying of Cleanliness is Next to Godliness and it helps in garage sales too. There is some research to indicate that a clean smell is a happier smell too. Earlier today there was a comment from ‘swmbo’ regarding the clean merchandise. For the most part we have hand washed many or most of the objects to give things a cleaner, fresher appearance. I think we have done this as much for ourselves as the visitors.

I recall assisting my mom in the her reluctant process of selling off her stuff in the yard. She was not going to let us into the house, that is for certain. But, she begrudgingly gave in on the dead rat/possum infested tents and garage. The stuff smelled bad and much of it was water damaged. But the housewares items needed a good washing. My mom sat outside atop an upside down milk crate and washed and rinsed piece after piece of china, glasses, figurines and pots and pans. None of this could be done in the house because the sinks, tubs, basins were sealed off with stuff. So, outside it was.

This time around with my Aunt’s stuff, we are washing it inside the house. If the stuff has been wrapped in clean paper and seems clean enough we forego the washing as long as there is no smell.

Yesterday this little critter was inside a cup. Other cups had similar finds (dead spiders, live spiders in webs, dead wasps, ants, earwigs and slugs). It is important in the rush of bringing out multiple items that are stacked or bunched to really look them over for unsightly visions. The reality is they could be washed by the buyer. The other reality is most see this and set it down and look away. The extra effort is needed.

Creepy little critter when not confined to say fly fishing or entomology. Near items associated with food or beverage many people will not buy that item, whether it can be cleaned or not.


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