Up & At ‘Em

Such are the images in my brain of late. Hard to believe my Auntie grabbed these painted mugs from Italy. The countenances are certainly unique. An Italian school project? I don’t know. The bottom markings are hard to decipher. Suffice to say the faces reflect how goofy I feel early this morning.

I have said all along that over the long haul this project had to stay low key and enjoyable. We have strived for that. Some things have conspired against that and taken the edge off the enjoyment. It is now less fun and like a job. A long, tedious job. But the Team comes through to lift up the spirits and carry the load when we can’t.

Sorting through wet boxes of stuff in the dark, selecting out items, washing them, placing them into vacant spots, pricing them, re-arranging items for affect. With 27 tables it is more than even two people can do. Overall the flavor is maintained for pricing, quality, interest and some kind of paying respect to my Aunt’s intent at one time. There are some actually very beautiful things in old, smelly boxes. I can only imagine how this haunted her. Like knowing you have treasures buried in your yard but can’t get to them anymore. There is no way she could have remembered all the unique pieces beneath the layer upon layer of blue tarps in her yard. 

So, my dear Auntie, we are trying to move the ‘merchandise’, still pay honor to those pieces that warrant it and lift the spirits in your honor to get through this. This isn’t the most terrible thing that can happen in life. It just challenges while one carries other burdens and inflictions. Many have it far worse. The blessing here is we could never ever have made this move with my Auntie (or my Mom) involved in the process….never. Now we are…slowly but certainly!

The back yard with much of the stuff being sold now beneath those blue tarps…many layers of tarps. Interestingly, neighbors told us they had checked the Google Satellite Image delay to scope out the neighborhood for warehouses, back yard chop shops, etc. before deciding on moving into the neighborhood. They noted my Aunt’s back yard and thought ‘what a large backyard pool they have’ Funny. It was more like a sea……..the high seas.

Thank goodness for the covered patio, canopy, carport and garage. It is still pouring outside. Even if the water is running into the spaces, we will be ok…if they come. Bet they do. Ok…out the door.


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