Treasures Amongst the Ruins

Through the repetition of countless glasses and punch bowl cups and lamp parts and Christmas this and that you come across a piece wrapped in 1960’s newsprint. It stands apart…hopefully. Thanks to a kind neighbor, we have a temporary internet connect to research items. Last night we found in a box buried in a back shed a lot of glasses and of course the mind glazes over as one after another is unwrapped from the paper…I mean it may be a different item. 

So when the shape changed in the hand, I found a few items that are a bit unique and not ready for the ‘green dot’ fifty cents table.

Roseville…a little treasure to be set aside for later.

It is perhaps tedious to give a blow by blow of a garage sale. It is an interesting aspect of the cleanup. The interesting ‘collectors’ that drop by in a hurry is interesting. If you help them out to their car, that can be a true sign of the hoarder. Jammed with stuff, as was my mom’s and aunt’s cars. Their cars never stayed empty.

I recall once walking my Mom out to her car after an event. The car was once again full to the point of obstructing visibility. I somewhat inappropriately said “What’s all that #$%@ in your car?” She bristled and in her fiery style said ‘That’s not #$%@, those are treasures.” I know the ‘treasure’ load when I see it. I don’t say anything. I bid them to have a nice day. They usually mumble something back and leave with that intense concentration of the quest.

So my point was, before I wandered off yet again, that I will update the blog but not bore you with the minutiae of selling Anchor Hocking glassware or canning  jars. We are delving into the back tent/TP where the storage locker contents are stored. There was ‘good stuff’ (listen to me!) in that locker. We will backfill the tables from there as the week progresses.


6 thoughts on “Treasures Amongst the Ruins

  1. Tish

    I’m so glad the sale has been going so well for you all. I find all of your posts interesting – even if you are bored of Anchor Hocking (anything) and odd punch set glasses, you have a unique way of describing the process and the day. Sometimes the beauty is in the ordinary every day stuff (although there is a line between beautiful – a punch bowl set – and the absurd – 500 punch bowl sets).

    My husband is wistfully eyeing the tool table. Both thankfully and to our regret, we live across the country so he cannot indulge. 🙂

  2. Marilyn Lugo

    I like anything with grapes on it. Grapes are my kitchen motif.

    It’s not as if I’m morally superior; I have to control myself too at yard sales. It’s sort of like knowing when to quit eating junk food.

    Also, I have shoes in my closet that I’ve never worn. We all have our weaknesses.

  3. annietiques

    Please continue with the blow by blow of the “sale”!!!! This is the fruit of your teams labor……. fascinating to see what your Auntie collected. This is an important step for many families out there who find themselves in similar circumstances!!! Who knows where they are in the process……… see what can and is being accomplished is very important……

    So glad the sale is being well received by the neighbors and shoppers one and all. Still praying for great weather……….and a kiss to your wife, boy did you luck out!!!

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