Sign of the Times

This very old sign belonged to my Aunt. She held onto it for years. I was using it for a table top (setting on the card tables). A collector of signage came in and offered an seemingly excessive amount of dinero for the sign. Hmmm? It was sold. Just seemed to be a sign. Maybe that’s all it was while I had it. Next…who knows.

The signs have stayed up. The people were at the gates an hour early. I opened up the driveway and the canopy so they could enter. There is an estate sale in the neighborhood this weekend. That will be a good addition, although my Aunt hated anyone to have a sale while she did. Two different worlds here; it will be a good thing for sure.  



2 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. Marilyn Lugo

    Gary: You seem to be good at this. Perhaps you’ve missed your calling? Could it have been yard sales all along?

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